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Who we are ?

FinOne Team We pride on our experienced professional resources that deftly handle clients with an upbeat and engaging personality. Proficient in multi-languages, diversified FinOne staff hailing from different nations enables them to penetrate the market with ease. They are well trained in sales, marketing and customer service and can handle business queries with professional ease. Once the sales project is awarded by a client an exclusive team consisting of Sales staff, Team Leader , Sales Manager and Compliance officer is assigned to manage their sales activities.

Our Mission is to provide Direct and Indirect Sales Support to our clients as per the Retail banking standard in line with their Audit and compliance requirements . We are operating the business with equal weightage for Performance and sales discipline and increase the productivity by micromanagement concept.

Vision we will be established Finone as “ Role model” for the out sourcing Industry in the UAE.

FinOne structured in Five concepts

    • Sales is the Passion not the Pressure
    • Retail Banking Sales should run only through Compliance track
    • Performance and discipline are two sides of the same coin
    • Auditing is the Proactive approach against fraud activities
    • Micromanagement is the tool for Optimum Productivity

Competitive edge

    • Monthly Auditing- Clean desk policy Auditing & Process auditing
    • Customer complaints log. Dedicated Fraud & Investigation unit
    • Monthly refreshment Training and training sheets will be signed by all attendees
    • Equal Importance for Performance and Discipline
    • Micromanagement on daily sourcing activities
    • Design

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